If you require advice in relation to an employment matter without knowing the details of the case it is impossible to provide an accurate estimate of costs.

We offer a free consultation service of up to an hour to help you understand the costs involved with your matter. If you then decide to instruct us, then we will provide you with a cost estimate at an hourly rate of £480.

To help you understand the likely costs of an employment tribunal we have listed the different steps involved and the costs related to each step.

  1. We will draft your ET1 (claim form for an Employment Tribunal) (£2,500)
  2. Receiving and considering an ET3 (response to ET1 claim) (£1,500)
  3. Directions hearing if applicable (£1,000 plus travel)
  4. Preparing documents (£2,500)
  5. Drafting witness statements (£5,000)
  6. Considering the other sides witness statements (£2,500)
  7. General preparation for hearing (trial prep if no bundles – £3,500)
  8. Trial prep if responsible for bundles (£7,000)
  9. Instructions and briefs to Counsel where appropriate (£1,500 for every occasion they are required)
  10. Counsel fees (hourly rate in region of £450)
  11. Trial (£4,000)
  12. Additional counsel fee for every other day of trial (around £2,000)
  13. Liaise with Tribunal to get written judgment and advise on appeal if appropriate (£2,000).
  14. Correspondence with the employer or the Solicitors (£1,500)

In addition to the above costs, once having obtained the judgment there may be further costs associated with enforcing that judgment.

The above does not include a potential enforcement fee that may be necessary.

All employment work will be undertaken by a member of our team. Please see the Meet the Team section of the website for details.

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