Do you need to dismiss someone?

Dismissing someone can be difficult and expensive if you get it wrong.

At present an unfairly dismissed employee with more than two years service can claim up to a maximum of £100,000.

Don’t panic. The average award is around £5,000, although you might have to pay your legal costs on top. Even these figures can be crippling for a small business which is why we are here to help. If an employer goes through the correct procedures at the right stages they can significantly reduce the risk of a claim and increase the chances that any claim bought against them will not succeed.

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Have you been dismissed?

Losing your job can be a very difficult time, no matter what your circumstances. We are here to guide you through the process to help you reach the best possible outcome.

We may not be able to get you your job back, but we may be able to obtain a reasonable level of compensation for you either by negotiation with your employers or through mediation or tribunal proceedings. We may even be able to help you secure new employment by ensuring your former employer gives you a fair and reasonable reference.

For information on costs please see Employment Tribunal Costs.

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