Whether you are a new landlord and or an experienced landlord with a number of properties, there are a number of legal issues which are involved in renting property.

We are experienced in drafting documents such as tenancy agreements such as AST Agreements, tailoring them to your requirements.

A tenant may fail to pay rent in which case we can pursue them for these amounts, and if necessary, issue possession proceedings if they continue to refuse. We can also help you to defend any claims brought by a tenant.

Alternatively, if you are a tenant and you have a problem with your landlord, such as disrepair of the property, we can help you to remedy the situation by getting into contact with your landlord to repair the property, and subsequently issuing proceedings if the landlord fails to cooperate.

In all circumstances, we look to provide a cost effective solution, which may involve avoiding litigation in favour of alternative dispute resolution as litigation will generally increase the costs involved.

For information on costs please see Residential Conveyancing Costs.