Most (although not all) employment cases are heard in an Employment Tribunal, who deal with matters such as unfair dismissal, discriminations and non-payment of salary.

Unlike most courts, a claim in an Employment Tribunal must be bought very quickly. Often as early as within 3 months of the matter being complained of with extensions being very rare. However, like all courts a good knowledge of the law, preparation and understanding of the case is essential, as well as the ability to negotiate a good settlement for your clients.

If you are unhappy with the judgment made by the Employment Tribunal, you may wish to seek advice on whether the Tribunal has made any errors of law. If they have, you could consider whether to appeal against the judgment.

Whether you are issuing a claim, appealing a decision, or on the receiving end, whether the claim has just started or is nearing its end, we can provide help, support and advice which will increase the chances of a successful outcome.

For information on costs please see Employment Tribunal Costs.