General Crime

Whether you are being charged for assault or harassment, our solicitors have the experience and expertise to deal with your case professionally and efficiently.

We can assist throughout the process from considering evidence, providing advice in relation to plea and likely sentence.

Furthermore, we have a network of experienced and trusted barristers to represent you, should your case proceed to court. We can provide a free hour consultation in order to decide what is the next best step for your case. Throughout we will keep you informed of the process and we will cater time scales to urgency and nature of the matter.

We are also able to deal with corporate crimes, for example fraud and financial crime.

Please note we do not provide Legal Aid and you will need to instruct other solicitors if you wish to access Legal Aid.

Road Traffic Offences

Our solicitors are capable of advising you on a wide range of Road Traffic Offences. Whether there is the possibility of having penalty points imposed on your licence, or you are facing the possibility of disqualification from driving, it is vital to take advice at the earliest opportunity to ensure the appropriate steps have been taken and that your particular circumstances have been taken into account to give you the best chance to keep your licence and minimise the number of points you receive on your licence.

We are able to help with a variety of matters concerning your case. For example drafting witness statements, providing appropriate timescales, considering initial disclosure, attending trial and drafting appeal matters.

We have experience of dealing with a wide variety of matters and hope to assist you in the best way possible. For further queries please do not hesitate to get in touch.

For information on costs please see Motoring Offences Costs.