If a divorce is undefended, our cost estimate will be £4,500 (including VAT at 20%) plus a court fee of £593 (no VAT) which is a disbursement. This will involve us drafting your divorce petition (which we will hopefully agree with the other side where possible), around an hour to liaise with the court throughout the case, lodging the petition, dealing with any formal response from the other side, filing your decree nisi and applying for the decree absolute. These breakdown of costs concern divorce only and do  not include financial settlement or child access matters.

Whilst many divorce cases are uncontested, it is common for the other side to either challenge the grounds of the petition, or possibly challenge the petition altogether are refuse to agree to a divorce, or sometimes even issue their own petition. In these circumstances we cannot provide an accurate estimate of the likely costs until we have an understanding of your circumstances relating to your personal situation.

We offer a free consultation for up to an hour to enable you to understand the process and costs involved in your matter. Any additional work will be undertaken at an hourly rate of £480 (including VAT at 20%).

All Divorce work will be undertaken by a member of our ‘Family’ team.

Persons responsible for the work include:

  • Stephanie Kleyman (admitted as a solicitor in 1997)
  • Catherine Bates (admitted as a solicitor in 2021)

To view their profile, please see the Meet the Team section of the website for details.

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