From small local organisations to large multi national funder raisers, Charities all have one thing in common, the need to not only do the right thing, but be seen to do the right thing. If a company does something wrong (such as having a website that breaches the Companies Act) the consequences are unlikely to be serious. For a charity, getting it wrong can significantly affect their standing in the eyes of the public, which can have a significant knock on effect on public support, and therefore on their funding.

What many (particularly smaller) charities may not know is the extent to which every day legislation affects them. Charities are as obliged to comply with, for example, GDPR as every other business.

At Kleyman & Co, we have extensive experience in advising charities not only on the laws which specifically apply to them, but also on the general business principals and regulations that they should abide by. We have advised a number of charities both directly, and through our many talks and seminars.

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