Reduce your County Court costs without losing out on quality of service

How does the County court differ from the High Court?

In many respects, County Court process is very much like High Court. The sums at stake might be less, but the steps that need to be taken are the same, so the costs can easily become disproportionate.

Quality service at a fair price

At Kleyman & Co. we work hard with our clients to make sure the service they receive is appropriate both from a legal and a commercial point of view. There are many courses of action we can employ to help reduce the costs without reducing the level of service.

In house advocacy

We can undertake advocacy in house, which can sometimes be more cost effective, although at other times we delegate work out to specialist barristers. We can make use of junior staff to undertake routine work at lower levels.

We are experienced in obtaining insurance cover to protect against legal costs

In some cases fixed or conditional fee arrangements are available.

Cost effective service

County Courts include small claims work where it is very rare to recover legal costs. Despite this we are still able to provide a cost effective service. This can include giving advice and support to enable clients to run or defend claims themselves.

Free initial consultation

As with all of our services we encourage our clients to contact us as soon as they become aware that a court claim may be imminent. For this reason we offer an initial consultation for no charge so we can assess the position and advise on the best way to proceed.

For information on costs please see Debt Recovery Costs.