Take the hassle out of Employment Contracts

We make setting up Employment Contracts simple

When you hear the word “contract”, many employees, particularly small businesses, assume it means a long, complicated and expensive account. It doesn’t need to be. In order to comply with your objectives under section 1 of the Employment Rights Act 1996, you only need to confirm 12 basic facts such as notice periods and holiday entitlement, although we would often recommend a little more detail.

Keep costs down and protect yourself against a fine

Due to our range of experience and detailed precedents we can put together a legally compliant contract, at a very cost effective price. Not only will it provide you with protection against a fine from an Employment Tribunal for not complying with the law, but it will also provide a degree of certainty between you and your staff, and often be re-usable for future staff.

For information on costs please see Employment Tribunal Costs.

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