Get expert help and advice on how to improve your companies Policies and Procedures

Reduce the risk of your employees ever needing to make a claim

Whilst we can never guarantee that you will not end up in a tribunal, a good set of rules and regulations gives a degree of certainty to both employer and employee and so significantly reduces the risk of the employee wanting, needing to or being able to bring a claim.

Discipline staff members without the need to go to tribunal

The most obvious policies that every employer should have are grievance and discipline procedures. It is inevitable that at some stage an employer will want to discipline a member of staff an employee will want to bring a grievance. If there are clear guidelines as to how this should be done, there is a much better chance that the matter will be resolved without the need to go to a tribunal.

There are other policies that many employers should have but are often forgotten about until it is too late. For example…

An equipment policy. Many staff have lap tops and mobile phones – what happens if they don’t return them at the end of their complement. In the absence of a properly completed receipt an employer cannot deduct the value of the item for final salary.

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For information on costs please see Employment Tribunal Costs.