When people talk about debt collection they may have images of door step collectors, picking up weekly installments for their local gangland boss! That’s obviously NOT a service we offer.

The services we DO provide

When we talk about Debt Collection we have two services in mind, although they can often amount to the same thing. Firstly, we have clients coming in to us with outstanding invoices for goods or services rendered, where there is no real dispute but they just cannot get the other side to pay. Secondly, we have clients who have obtained judgments (either on their own or through us) but they need help enforcing it.

Enforcement Processes

There are many enforcement processes that can be used, and we have wide experience in seizing goods, even from abroad, freezing bank accounts, charging and selling properties and liquidating companies. We have good relationships with a number of agencies, such as the High Court Sheriffs, for services such as finding and serving parties, as well as distrain against goods and forfeiting leases for non-payment of rent. We also provide a bankruptcy service where we undertake much of our own advocacy in order to provide a cost effective service.


Once a company has been liquidated or a person made bankrupt, we can help with the appointment of liquidators or Insolvency Practitioners to increase our client’s chances of recovering any available funds.

For information on costs please see Debt Recovery Costs.