Probate is the process by which the estate of a deceased is administered. It can involve identifying all of a person’s assets and liabilities (i.e. debts), paying any relevant taxes such as Inheritance tax, and distributing the balance to any beneficiaries. It is the role of the executor to apply for probate and subsequently administer the estate and for those inexperienced in these matters, it can a complicated and stressful process. Our experience in probate can help relieve you of the pressure of this role and take all the necessary steps for you.

If you have a will, then your estate will be administered according to your wishes, however If you fail to make a will then the law of intestate will decide how your estate is administered. We therefore highly recommend that you have a will in place so that you are able to decide who receives what when you die.

We can help produce a tailor-made will for you, and help you consider all your options, such as leaving some of your property in trust, or what happens if one of the beneficiaries dies before you.