Recently married or divorced? Quick, review your Will or end up having your hard earned assets distributed against your wishes.
It is not pleasant to plan for your death, but it is essential to review your Will after every major life event like marriage or divorce.
As soon as you are married, any existing Will is automatically revoked. If you do not make a new one, when you die, you do so intestate, and the law of intestacy decides how your assets are divided. Usually, your entire estate would go to your wife, husband or civil partner. You should therefore review your Will as soon as you are married or in anticipation of the marriage to ensure that other family members are catered for in your Will, should you want them to be!  This is particularly important if you have children from an earlier marriage who may be left out unintentionally.
Once you are divorced however, your Will is not automatically revoked and will remain valid, however once Decree Absolute is pronounced your former spouse is treated as if she or he has died and will not inherit from your estate and any gift will pass by the rules of intestacy. You should therefore review your Will following separation to ensure your assets aren't distributed to the wrong people!
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