I was getting dressed up in my favourite little black number the other day (as a regular court goer I have quite a few!) when my other half commented on how nice it was (told you it was my favourite!) and asked if it was new.  Without thinking, I'm already explaining not only how old it was, but what a bargain it was, which is completely ridiculous.  I earn my own money and I'm free to spend it how I like.   I don't have to justify it to anyone, and he certainly wouldn't expect me to.  Nevertheless, that's what I do automatically, and I know I'm not the only woman who does this.  Even those women who share their partner's income have the right to look good and not have to justify it.
This isn't confined to women, although I don't know many men that do the justification thing in relation to clothes.  In their personal lives, men often tend to be more confident on their spending habits.  In my experience, they are more likely to be proud of the new car they bought, or the new set of golf clubs they've just invested in, and why not.  If you work hard, why shouldn't you be able to talk about what you've done with your money.
In legal terms, however, men and women are often equal in terms of their desire to play their cards close to their chest.  Sometimes that can be a good thing.  You don't necessarily want the other side to know that you think you are about to be offered a great new job if you are negotiating an exit package from your current employer.  If it's litigation, and you're dealing with things like disclosure, then an open and up front stratgey is always best.  All relevant documnets must be disclosed, even the ones that don't help your case, or possibly even hurt it!  Property transactions are the most interesting ones.  This tends to be where people can get a bit paraniod about what to tell the purchaser or what to ask of the vendor.  It is important to know everything and it's vital that you are completey honest with your solicitor so they can advise you on what the other side need to know.  As with litigation a faillure to answer questions properly and give correc tinformation can give rise to a very big claim in damages.
If you are buying or selling a property and would like some information about what's inovlved and what you need to know, drop me a line at stephanie@kleymansolicitors.com and I'll fill in the blanks for you.  I'll buy something new to wear specially!
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