Have you used the Ministry of Justice Court website to complete a Form E within financial remedy proceedings in the last 20 months?
If so, it contains an error which means your assets have been wrongly assessed.  You may be paying too much or have received too little.   
This is extremely worrying as the calculation of assets is a critical part of the process and many settlements may have to be re-negotiated.
There are times when you might want to ignore your debts, but the Form E is not the place to do so!
This will have mainly affected those divorcing couples representing themselves as solicitors will usually use their own Form E software which will not have been affected by this error. If you have used the Ministry of Justice online Form E then you must urgently check your form and your ex-spouses form so see whether you have been affected by this glitch.
This situation demonstrates the value in obtaining legal advice when preparing your financial disclosure and considering settlements in light of your spouse’s financial disclosure. Even if you are representing yourself in proceedings it is advisable to seek advice on financial disclosure, and we will be more than happy to help you with this at Kleyman and Co.
If you would like assistance in checking your form E then please contact Stephanie at stephanie@kleymansolicitors.com or Louise at louise@kleymansolicitors.com