I was at the tube station earlier in the week, watching people sigh with relief when they read that the strike had been called off.  For many, 24 hours of industrial action can equal several days of misery trying to get in and out of London.

For some, however, it can be an excuse to work from home or an opportunity to skive off.

What are your legal obligations?  If there is a strike, is this a legitimate reason to stay home and if you do, does your employer have to pay you?  If your staff don’t come in because of the strike, can you put them through a disciplinary process for being away without permission?  Can you make them take it as holiday?

Although the strike is off, there is likely to be another one, possibly in a few weeks.  If these are issues that are likely to affect you, contact me at stephanie@kleymansolicitors.com for more information on your legal rights and obligations.

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