You’d have thought I’d heard it all by now and actually you can’t shock me any more, but things still surprise me.


Like waking into a half empty restaurant half an hour before my table has been booked for and being told they might not be able to seat us straight away!  Do you really think I believe that 50 people are due in the next half an hour?  No, you want me to go to the bar and have a drink first so you can generate some additional revenue.  I get it but please don’t treat me like I’m stupid.  My kids do a better job of it than that.


My kids also still surprise me.  Sometimes it’s how amazingly grown up and talented they are.  At other times it’s with their bare faced cheek.  There are only so many times you can get away with “it’s the teachers fault for not telling us there was homework “ or “I left my books at schools/my friends house/on the bus” or my personal favourite “the cat made that mess”.  I should explain that the cat passed away 4 months ago.


What still doesn’t surprise me is the number of people who rely on trust and are then disappointed.  Trust is a wonderful thing and if you didn’t trust someone you wouldn’t go into business with them, marry them, give them your money to invest and so on.  However there’s nothing wrong with insurance.  When you buy a property you take out insurance, not because you think it will blowup or burn down or be broken into because if you really thought those things were going to happen you’d buy a different property.  But you know it COULD happen, and that prevention is better than cure.


So don’t see contracts, cohabitation agreements and pre nuptial agreements as a lack of faith but as a prudent insurance policy.


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