People always get suspicious when you offer them something for nothing.  Perhaps that means they’ve had a bad experience.  Or they just always assume that there is a catch.

Well here is a genuine offer of a free lunch.

I’m giving a talk on company law on Thursday 3 March in St Pauls.  I’m going to be explaining what you can do to protect your company from a legal point of view.   It will be fun (not just because it’s in a bar!) and informative (not just because I know what I’m talking about)!  I will be joined by the lovely John Ireland who will be talking about how to protect your company (and other assets) from a financial point of view.

After the talk, there will be the opportunity to ask questions, network, buy drinks (I never said the drinks were free) and food will be provided (I said there was a free lunch).

What do you need to do?  Contact me for more details at

Kleyman & Co Solicitors – providing all the services that you need, even the food.