No need to check the date to see if it's 1 April already, or to call for the men in white coats.  I'm perfectly sane and normal, or as normal as anyone responsible for two children can ever be.
Of course there aren't fairies at the bottom of my garden, not least of all because I don't have a garden.  Nevertheless, people that I talk to often say equally strange things, but genuinely believing that they are neither mad, nor deliberately pulling my leg.
Often it's people who believe what they read in the press, such as living together for two years or more gives you automatic legal rights – it doesn't.  Sometimes it's people with unreasonable expectations, such as thinking a Judge will just take their word for something without any supporting evidence.  Usually, however, it is perfectly sane normal intelligent people who enter into business arrangements without taking any legal advice. I know from experience that sometimes this comes down to misplaced trust, or not appreciating the consequences of the unexpected (such as what happens if one of them dies or becomes incapacitated). However, more often it's because people either think that they can't afford to take legal advice when often it will turn out that they couldn't afford not to or it's because they think it will take too long and hold matters up, when actually we can move very fast if we know there is a degree of urgency.
So, if you're thinking about embarking on a new business project, and would like an impartial view on what paperwork you need, how long it will take and what the costs will be, drop me a line at to set up a meeting. Not only will there be no charge for this, if my view is that everything looks fine and you don't need anything more from me, I'll be the first to tell you. 

Kleyman & Co Solicitors.  The full service law firm.  Never away with the fairies.