On valentine’s day this year, Are you planning to move in with your dear?

Is the shared home in their name, and you’re worried that you won’t have a claim?

You might be concerned about your rights, and maybe it keeps you up at night

But don’t be too concerned with this, as it is something that we won’t miss

We can register your home rights soon, so you will feel over the moon

Please enjoy your valentine, without wondering what’s yours or mine


If you are going to use Valentines Day as the time to suggest moving in with your other half, or have them moving in with you, do you know how this might affect you from a legal point of view?  Can they make you move out? Do they have a claim over your property and if so, how can you protect yourself?  Even if your relationship stands the test of time, do you know what happens if one of you passes away – is your other half at risk of being made homeless?

If you want to know what the implications are, drop us a line (doesn’t have to be in verse!) and we’d be delighted to meet up with you for a coffee and a chat to talk you through the options.

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