If Valentine’s Day is supposed to be the romantic day of the year, apparently 10th February is the least romantic day of the year, as it’s the day couples are most likely to break up.  Perhaps it’s all the talk of love and relationships that makes people re-evaluate their feelings.  On the other hand, maybe it’s just easier than trying to work out what to buy them.

Of course not all relationships are romantic.  Business relationships can require just as much effort and can be just as rewarding.  A professional union can produce offspring in the form of ideas, products and intellectual property which you can nurture and support as dedicatedly as any playground mum.  Such relationships can be as hard to end as a marriage, and can sometimes be as acrimonious with people arguing over who owns what and what you are all allowed to do after the business has come to an end.

Can you go and work for a rival company straight away or do you have to respect your vows to your colleagues for a period of time.  What are the consequences of cheating on your business with another, younger, business.  If you designed the company’s logo or artwork, does it belong to you, or does it become part of a custody battle.  If a key product idea or design was produced by a colleague, can they take it with them when the party’s over.

Ideally, you’ll have come to someone like me when you set up your business, and you’ll have all the right paperwork in place to agree on who owns what and who can do what afterwards.  If so, the process should be a lot less painful than a divorce.  If not, you might now need someone like me to help advise you on your rights and obligations.

If you are going through a breakup, either of your marriage or your business, drop me a line at stephanie@kleymansolicitors.com for some tea, sympathy and advice.

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