We’ve all had them.  That flash of inspiration when the penny drops, the clouds clear and suddenly you can see things from a whole new perspective.  Sometimes it can be huge, but often even small ideas can be very rewarding.


My company has been operating a dress down Friday policy for a few years.  When the weather forecast was telling us how hot it was going to be a few months ago, my co director David and I decided that we would let everyone dress casually for the week unless they had client meetings or court.  To be honest it was David’s idea but I suspect a suit and tie is much more uncomfortable in hot weather than a short skirt!


This led on to a wider discussion.  If it’s ok to dress down on Fridays, why not dress down for the week in hot weather.  If it’s ok to dress down for the week, then why not have a permanent policy that staff can wear whatever they like (within reason) all the time unless they are seeing clients or in court.  We’ve always tried to make our working environment more comfortable for our staff (flexible hours, working from home etc) so this seemed a logical step that was well received by the team.


This, however, was not my lightbulb moment!


I’ve been managing to get to the gym once a week at weekends for several years.   My New Years resolution every year has been to increase it to twice a week but that really means going on a weekday.  It’s not finding the time that’s the issue, but the logistics.  I really need to go on my way to work or it’s too big a chunk out of the day.  That means taking all my work clothes with me, without forgetting anything (last time I forgot my shoes and had to wear my trainers all day) without creasing my suit (gym lockers are not that big) and having a bag big enough to fit everything in without needing a suitcase.


So that was my lightbulb moment this morning.  The sudden realisation that I can go to the gym any morning I like when I have no meetings.  Now all I need to do is find a day when I’m not networking, seeing clients or in court before December and I can at least tick one box on my list!


As employers become more flexible in terms of staff working conditions, they also need to think about how they implement it and what they do if they want to change things back again.  How do you decide what’s suitable on a dress down Friday and can you discipline someone for wearing something that they think is appropriate but you don’t.  How does a small company monitor a flexible hours policy and what do you do if you think staff who say they are working from home are actually with me in the gym!


Don’t work up a sweat over it.  Give me a call and we’ll come up with a plan.  I’ll even miss my gym session if it’s urgent.


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