Payslips; are they:-


(a)          an essential obligation of every employer or
(b)          just an optional extra

Surprise!  Not only are they essential, but failing to provide them properly and effectively can lead to huge problems.

I’m sure you all know that employees have many rights that protect their relationship with their employee, and that if an employer fails to comply, they can be taken to a Tribunal. 

For example, most employers know that if they dismiss an employee who has been with them for more than two years, without good reason and without going through the proper process, the employee stands a very good chance of bringing a successful claim for unfair dismissal. 

However, there are certain rights employees have in relation to pay and pay slips that aren't as well publicised and could be even more dangerous, because the employee doesn't need any qualifying period of employment.   So, if you don’t provide a pay slip, your employee could sue you for unfair dismissal even if they've only been with you for a short time.

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