I am a regular (but not sufficiently frequent) gym attendee.  I wish I had the time to go during the week but at weekends I can often be found on a Sunday morning doing a class or two, and then relaxing in the cafe afterwards.

I’m a member of Virgin Active and I regularly use their facilities in Hemel Hempstead.  It’s a lovely big modern building with loads of space, lovely people and a great big car park at the back.  I was driving in last Sunday, when I was struck by the number of people competing for the one or two spaces right outside, to the point where some people had parked on the pavement just to be closer to the door. What’s the point of going to the gym but parking on the double yellow line outside to avoid the walk from the car park.  You don’t get the exercise and you might get a ticket?

My confusion didn’t end there.  I drove the few meters to the back of the building to enter the car park, which is all one way, with the door to the gym on the other side.  So, if you want a space closer to the door, you need to drive all the way around.  It takes a whole two minutes to drive from start to finish.  Nevertheless, there is always someone driving straight across the parking spaces, to get a place by the door in the quickest possible time, regardless of the risk of causing an accident.

In my experience, the possible gains you get from a short cut are often small, particularly when compared with the risks of getting it wrong.  Better to get there safe, a minute later, than not get there at all.  A short cut can short circuit your plans.

This can apply not just in your personal life, but in business too.  It might be quicker to sign the contract rather than read it properly, but do you really know what you’re getting yourself in to.  It’s always easier to just assume that your advisers know what they are doing, but if their letters are giving you good advice, and you are not reading them, do you really understand the consequences of your action.  It will cost money to have a solicitor represent you in Court, but if you do or say something you shouldn’t, the damage may be irreparable.

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