….. all day long you could be in a police cell!
What would you do if you saw some money lying on the ground?  Would you pick it up, celebrate your good fortune and think nothing more of it.  Would you do something charitable like put it in the nearest collection box or give it to a Big Issue seller.  Or would you do what you could to return it to it's rightful owner or hand it in to the police.  Probably not if it was a small coin, like a penny, but legally that is the right thing to do, no matter how small the amount.
Nicola Bayle probably wishes she'd read this article before she went shopping recently, as she saw some money on the floor and pocketed it, as many of us have probably done before without giving it a second thought.  Unfortunately for her, the person who lost the money went looking for it, which resulted in a check of CCTV cameras, which resulted in Ms Bayle being  successfully prosecuted.  Apparently the defence of "finders keepers" doesn't really work.
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