When I bought my first property, knowing I was going to be living alone in a quite area, the first thing I did was consider security.  A good solid front door.  New locks on the door, with a chain and a spy hole.  Locks on the windows.  All sensible stuff.
What you may not know is that security steps like this can do more harm than good, especially if you are new to the area.
For example, you may think that installing electric security gates is a shrewd move that protects your property and may reduce your insurance premiums.  However, as was found in a recent case, if it turns out that there is a right of way over the land, and those gates in some way reduce the ability of others to exercise that right of way, you could find yourself being ordered to take the gates down AND pay damages!  It’s also not the best of starts to your relationship with your new neighbours.
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