I’m really really bad at names.

I forget my own name sometimes.

I get my children’s names the wrong way around frequently (which they think is very funny).

I am regularly at networking events where I meet people that I know. I know what they do. I know how I know them and I know important details about them…..except often their name.

It rarely matters. Everyone knows what I’m like and I’m like that with everyone so no one takes it personally.

However, there are times when getting the name right is important. People often embark on litigation without taking legal advice, and certainly the courts try hard to support litigants in person, but some mistakes cannot be undone. In a recent case, a litigant in an employment tribunal got the name of his employer wrong. Whilst it was accepted that it was a genuine mistake rather than a deliberate attempt to confuse anyone, it was something so fundamental that his claim had to be struck out. Unfortunately, because you only have three months in which to bring a claim for unfair dismissal, he was then too late to issue a fresh claim.

Game over.

If you’re considering issuing proceedings, and want to check the important names, dates, times and facts, drop me a line. We can compare notes on the details that matter, and the details that don’t. I’ll bring my name badge so I know who I am.

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