It’s one of my favourite lines from “Everyone’s free…”. It’s also one of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever heard in a song.

This came to mind recently when a potentially interesting email came into my in box.  Not one of those that you know (or should know!) is a scam, but a genuine one.  I’m a huge Russell Howard fan, as are my boys.  They are finally getting to an age where I can take them out on school nights without them being a nightmare the following morning, so I was delighted to receive an email to say that Russell is doing a show in central London.  I thought I’d book a few tickets quickly, without telling them, and take them as a surprise.  They’d be blown away.

I clicked on the link, all ready to book tickets, but decided to read a bit further.  Although the email clearly said it was a Russell Howard show, it’s actually a charity performance where a number of stand up comedians will be performing, of which he’s one.  What’s more, they say the line up may change.  There’s only one other artist that I’d actually pay to see, and at least one that I can’t stand.  I’d never heard of the rest.  So instead of getting an hour or two of one of the boys heroes, I’d (possibly) get 20 minutes of him and an hour or two of people some of whom I like and some of who I probably don’t.

Suddenly it doesn’t sound like a great idea and definitely not worth the money.

If I hadn’t read the small print, and didn’t find this out until after I’d paid, could I complain?  Well possibly, but I don’t think the email advertising the event was wrong, just open to interpretation.  I could argue that the headline was misleading, but it’s up to me to check the details.  All the information I needed was there, so if I didn’t bother reading it, or didn’t take any notice of it, that’s down to me.

If you’re not keen on reading the small print, you’re always welcome to get us to do it for you. We’re good at drafting and interpreting contracts and terms and conditions, many of which we find very entertaining, but not always for the right reasons.  If you want to know more, drop me a line at and we’ll fix up a time to meet up for a coffee and a laugh.

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