Perhaps it's my age (21 for the second time) but sometimes it feels like things happen prematurely.  I'm sure that bottle of wine was empty long before it's time, and if that waiter tries to take my plate away before I've finished I will have to show him one of the main reasons why I love stilettos!
On the other hand, sometimes time passes far too fast and before you know it, Christmas is over and you're left with too much food, and not enough money in the bank to pay the bills.
In law, timing can be everything.  Go in with an offer too quickly, and the other side may suspect that you are desperate.  Leave things too long and you may run out of time or your opponent may run out of money!
If you need help with your timing, strategy or tactics, let's get another bottle of wine and defy the waiter to take it prematurely!  You can drop me a line at and we'll agree on a time that suits us both.
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