It has been described as the most boring budget ever.  I can't really comment because I slept through it!
However it turns out that there may be something to cheer about.  My colleagues in my wills and probate team tell me that a change in IHT laws comes in on effect on the 6th April. It may be beneficial, but you may need to change your will to take advantage.
So we're offering a free will review with a free cup of tea (or coffee!!!!) any time during March and April.  Come in, with your will, and will provide hot beverages and cool advice on how to save money on your taxes.
Of course as we are an equal opportunities business, we would not wish to discriminate against those of you who don't have a will.  So you can have some free advice on what your will should say, and how we can help you.  You get free tea or coffee too!
Contact me at to place your drinks order!