Pensions can often be a couple’s largest asset other than the family home. Often if you have worked your whole life to build up your pension you won’t want to share if you split. However it will form part of the matrimonial pot to be divided on divorce.  So when separating it is important to consider what option is best for you.

To start off with, all pensions should be disclosed. You then have the option of a number of pension orders including the following:

Pension sharing order – where a percentage of one spouse’s pension is transferred to the other spouse, either by transferring the sum into their pension or by joining them to that pension scheme so that each party can continue to build up their own pension for the future

Pension offsetting – where each of you keep your own pensions, but the value of the larger pension is offset against another asset. ie you get a larger share of the family home, while your spouse keeps his or her pension

Pension attachment order – you get a sum from your spouse’s pension when it starts being paid to them

We would recommend both parties seek advice on their pension rights following separation. We would be happy to help with this. Contact Stephanie at or Louise at

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