Is it a bird?


Is it a plane?


No, it’s a super parent!!


Anyone who has spent any time in the company of a young child will be familiar with the following scenario.


I’ve been up since 6 (despite the fact that it’s a Sunday), I’ve cleared up the kitchen (the cleaner only came yesterday) done a couple of hours work, made breakfast (I’m sure there are only three people in the house but they’ve eaten enough for three times that amount) and now I’m grabbing five minutes for a quick shower, when there is an urgent knock at the bathroom door.


“I’m in the shower”




“Whaaaaat! I’m in the shower”


Door opens


“mum I was cutting up the watermelon ….”


(heart stops as I imagine missing fingers and blood all over the floor I’ve just cleaned)


“and it tastes funny”





I’m sure this will be familiar to many, along with the number of strange questions I get asked.


How much does a filing cabinet weigh (which one, why and how am I supposed to know!)


What are you making for dinner on Thursday (it’s Sunday, I don’t know what I’m going to make for dinner tonight!!)


What’s your favourite XXXTentacion song.  WHO?????



So it turns out that being a parent was perfect training for being a solicitor or perhaps being a solicitor was good training for being a parent.   Either way, both mean that you have to be on your game to deal with crises, dramas and strange questions at short notice.


Like the client who phoned me at 3am to talk about his urgent property transaction.  To be fair it was 10pm where he was, but it could certainly have waited until the following morning.


Or the Sunday morning I spent in a police cell, due to the acts or omissions of my client – I couldn’t even say it was due to a wild night out!


Or how about why do I have to pay my employees for holiday leave.  Erm because that’s the law!


A personal favourite is what happens if I don’t pay my stamp duty?  Same as if you don’t pay any other tax!!!!


I was recently asked by a client if he’s mother’s will should include a DNR (do not resuscitate) provision.  Well, whilst I’m very much in favour of your medical team and next of kin having as much information about your wishes as possible, by the time someone asks me for a copy of your will, they’ll already have your death certificate in their hand so we’re probably too late for a DNR.

If you need a solicitor whose good at asking strange questions, often at strange times of the night, then just send me a signal (or a text) and I’ll fly to your rescue.

In the meantime, I’m off to clean the kitchen floor, again!

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