It’s a week to go until the big day.  This time next week there will be women and men (in my experience mostly women) up and down the country, either ecstatically happy, or hugely disappointed.
Being disappointed in love does not give rise to the need for legal advice, but some Valentine’s Day activity can make you reach for my number.  So here is the first page in my guide to what you need to know if all goes horribly wrong next Sunday.
Starting with, surprisingly, the Data Protection Act.  Some years ago a woman received a dozen beautiful red roses.  There was only one problem, they weren’t from her husband.  Desperate to prove that she wasn’t cheating, she harassed my client, the delivery company, in to revealing who had sent them, so she could show it was a joke from one of her friends, or one of his!    The delivery company sought my advice, and I told them that they could not reveal the information as it was confidential.  Of course they did share the information with me, and it turned out it was the husband’s girlfriend, hoping to call a rift between him and the wife.
I don’t know how the story ended, but I do know that if you give personal information to anyone, such as a delivery company, they should keep it safe and confidential.   Had the delivery company disclosed the information, there would have been a potential claim against them, and I might have picked up another divorce case. 
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