Feel like taking your children and running away to the circus? Or somewhere else within the UK?

Often following relationship breakdown, a parent will want to move to another area of the UK in order to pursue a new relationship, have a fresh start or return to their hometown. However can you do this without the other parent’s consent?

Generally, the primary carer does not need the other parent’s permission to relocate with the children within the UK. However it is a matter of good parenting to provide full details of the proposed move long before you pack your bags and to seek their agreement in writing.

If you are the parent being left behind and you want to prevent the move then you can apply to court for a Prohibited Steps Order. In practice, such an order will usually only be granted if there are compelling reasons as to why the children should not move to a new area. But the moving parent must show that his or her plans are realistic, practical and well thought out and that the move is not a mechanism to prevent the other parent from spending so much time with the children.

Please note that in these circumstances ‘UK’ does not include Isle of Man or the Channel Islands

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