Recently I had a very (very very!) early trip to Cornwall.  Sadly it wasn't to build sandcastles, go surfing or eat candyfloss, but it was to conduct a very productive meeting on a fascinating case.
So there I was, staggering through Paddington Station at silly o clock, when I came across a very strange site.  I was outside of the station, on the pavement, walking past a line of benches.  Two of the benches were roped off to make an enclosure, but we were outside, so what was the purpose.  Inside of the enclosed area were several people, smoking.  There was a sign up saying it was a smoking area.  I stood there for several minutes trying to work out why you would need a special roped off area in an outdoor public space just for smoking.
I had a bit of time to spare and curiosity got the better of me.  I spotted a member of station staff, and asked.  He laughed.  I'm guessing I wasn't the first person to question it.   It's simple, he explained.  Whilst they can smoke anywhere they like outside, if we provide nice benches for them to sit on, that are just for them, they naturally gravitate towards it.  Smoking has become quite antisocial and they feel comfortable together in their own area.  When they have finished their cigarets, they drop the butts in the bins we provide.  Even if they drop them on the floor, it's still easier to sweep them up than if they are all over the place.  Not everyone smokes here, but many do, and it's much easier to keep the station clean.
You don't normally associate train stations (and the management thereof) with rational commercial thinking, but here is a great example of a simple policy that seems to make everyone happy.  The smokers like to smoke together.  The staff like to have less cleaning to do and I like to have something new and interesting to write about!
Every day we all need helpful short cuts to make life easier.   That fancy new app that enables us to download our train tickets so we don't have to queue up to collect them.  Phone chargers in the back of taxis for when you're down to your last 5% of battery.  Or how about an employment check list so that you can make sure the contracts you issue to your staff contain everything it should.  Of course, this assumes that you have issued contracts in the first place!
If you need effective short cuts (or more long term policies) to help you manage your staff, drop me a line at and we'll meet up for a coffee and a chat as soon as I've got all of the sand out of my shoes.  
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