Children are often asked what they want to do when they grow up.  I'm no different.   My eldest son wants to go to sea – perhaps that's as far away from me as he can get.  Typical for a 15 year old.
My youngest, however, has been telling me for years that he wants to do what I do.  How sweet, I say.  
You want to help people resolve problems?  No he says, looking bemused.
You want to help people buy and sell their businesses?  No he says, barely looking up from his computer.
Perhaps you want to help people who are getting divorced?  Now he's not even bothering to answer me.
Ok, I say what is it about what I do that you want to do.  He sighs (rather theatrically) and says he wants to be an actor and go on the stage and perform.
Now it's my term to be bemused, not to mention slightly upset.  I don't act.  I'm passionate about my clients rights and believe wholeheartedly in their cause.
Now I have his full attention and he looks me in the eye with the seriousness only a 9 year old can muster and reminds me that I say that clients don't always take my advice, but I fight their corner anyway.  This must mean that sometimes when I'm in court, or negotiating with the other side, I must be acting.
I think about this for a while, and, unusually, cannot think of a rebuttal argument.
So if you need a solicitor who will be committed to your case no matter what, and whose son will one day be a famous actor, contact me for a free consultation at
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