If you’re a landlord you’re likely to have heard that you can’t evict a tenant during this pandemic. However, if a tenant doesn’t pay you must continue to comply with your obligations. You will be entitled to the rent money, it just may take you a little longer to obtain the money due to the current circumstances but nevertheless you’re still entitled to rent.

The tenants obligations to pay rent haven’t changed which also means landlords obligations of repairing the property still apply. Tenants have a right to a safe place to live. As a landlord this has to continue throughout this current period.

Landlords should still follow the governments advice on social distancing. If there is non-essential work and repairs that need to be done it is advised that you keep in communication with your tenant to let them know that they wont be carried out during this time. However, advise your tenant to keep you informed of what work does need to be done so that you can keep a record. By following the social distancing guidelines it may mean you can’t complete pre-planned property inspections. Think of an alternative way to do this, could you do a facetime call?

There may also be a scenario way you’re unable to take care of the property. You should make plans ready for this. Provide your tenant with a secondary contact so that if they can’t contact you they can still contact someone regarding the property. Communication with your tenant is vital during this pandemic.

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