If you read my blogs often, you’ll probably have seen this heading (or a similar one) before.

That’s not because I’m running out of things to write about (far from it) but simply because it’s an important point that comes up time and time again, both in business and in our personal lives.

For example, just because you can wear a gaudy Christmas jumper, doesn’t mean you should, especially if it involves dripping tinsel and glitter across the train carriage at 6am. It’s not good for the Christmas spirit of the rest of us, and you may become a spirit much earlier than you’d intended judging by the menacing look on the burly builder that now has sparkly make up on his hard hat.  And whilst I’m all for a bit of gender equality, did you really think that sparkly eye shadow and glittery tights went well with your moustache and hairy chest??? It’s not a sexist thing. It’s just a style thing!

And just because you can eat a third helping of Christmas pudding, doesn’t mean you should, when you’ll be the first to complain on January 3rd when you don’t fit in to your suit to go back to work. I know it tastes good and we only get it once a year, but convincing yourself that it’s one of your five a day because it’s all fruit isn’t fooling anyone, least of all your waistline!

But most importantly at this time of year, just because it’s Christmas, doesn’t mean that’s an excuse for behaviour that you wouldn’t think acceptable at the rest of the year.

Just because you can kiss a work colleague under the mistletoe, doesn’t mean they want to be kissed by you!

Just because the dildoes you gave as Christmas presents were made of chocolate, doesn’t mean that all the female work colleagues you gave them too will enjoy them. After all, not all women like chocolate and if you think otherwise then you are subscribing to lazy stereotypes.

And finally, just because someone misbehaves at the Christmas party, doesn’t automatically mean that you have grounds to dismiss them. Having and following a good disciplinary process is as important in December as it is the rest of the year.

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