Being a mother of teenage children is a bit like being a solicitor. Everyone hates you, until they need you and then they can’t get enough of you.

If the phone rings and it’s one of my wonderful children, you can bet that I’m either in trouble for something or they are, and I’m required to wave my magic wand and fix whatever problem has arisen. I’m quite good at school/homework related problems, but cancelled trains are still a bit beyond me!

If the phone rings and it’s one of my wonderful clients (I only have wonderful clients) then the probability is that the brown stuff has hit the spinning thing. That doesn’t mean that they never contact me for good news, but there are just some names that when they appear on my screen, you know it means trouble.

Of course, that is what I’m here for, and you could argue that if people didn’t get themselves into difficulties from time to time, I’d be out of work, and no doubt that’s true. On the other hand, some of their problems might not have been problems at all, or perhaps would have been smaller problems that were quicker and simpler (not to mention cheaper!) to fix, if they had called more often. And suddenly I can hear my grandmother’s voice saying “would it kill you to phone me once in a while”!!!

Perhaps solicitors are a lot like dentists too. Any good dentist will tell you that you should have a regular check up, to avoid problems becoming serious, but no one likes to go to see their dentist, especially if they don’t have tooth ache. In the same way, no one likes to run up legal bills on something that might not be an issue yet or ever.

So here’s a suggestion. If you have some free time during January, and would like to meet up to talk about how your business is developing, and what your plans are for the next 12 months, I’d love to hear from you.

It may be that we just have a lovely chat, a nice cup of tea if you are doing dry January (or something stronger if you are not!) and I get to hear all the lovely things going on in your life.

It may be that I’ll be able to make some suggestions that will avoid our next conversation being a bit more urgent.

It will definitely be a lot less painful than root canal surgery.

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