No of course it’s not, it’s just a funny line I remembered from a spoof video I watched recently.  It’s about a faux self help group for people who are too woke to enjoy their lives, and can’t even agree between themselves whether referring to themselves as young people contains subconscious bias towards the elderly.

The cure, apparently, was to watch episodes of Friends!

However whilst they all agreed that water cannot be racist, apparently AI can be.  A successful claim was recently bought against Uber whose AI controlled facial recognition software failed to recognise a driver due to the colour of his skin.

So for all those people out there proclaiming that AI will mean an end to the legal profession because it will all be done by computers, in the long run you may be right but in the short it seems to be creating business for us!

In the meantime if you are using AI consider the implications, both good and bad.  What are the risks.  What policies and procedures do you have in place.  Does it change your insurance needs.

If in doubt, ask a real life live expert!

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