When people find out that I do criminal law, I normally get one of the following three questions.
Top of the list is how do you avoid a speeding ticket.  Well the obvious answer is don't speed, but I have had some good success in exploiting errors on the part of the police.
Next comes what's the most unusual case you've ever done.  Some years ago I represented a man who turned out to be the biggest pimp in North London, but was the most unlikely candidate for the job.  None of us believed he was guilty until the last minute and the size and scale of his operation was impressive!
Finally there is what's the best defence you've ever heard.  Well up until recently the answer to this last question comes from a law report I read about a guy who thought his TV was giving him instructions to kill his wife.  However You Tube have now taken over.  Recently a client of mine was found to have downloaded in game credits without paying for them, because he had seen a You Tube video on how to do it.  His argument was that he thought that because the information was so publicly available, he believed that what he was doing was actually part of the game – if you can work out how to use the cheats, you win and your reward is extra credits.  We never had the chance to try it out in court, but so far it takes the prize for most inventive excuse.
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