Today I am a traffic warden.
Or more accurately, I have been accused by an opponent of being like a traffic warden and not in a good way.  She wasn't complimenting me on my ability to keep the country moving and avoiding it being clogged up with illegal parking.  She was trying to insult me.
My crime?  I said no to her.  She wanted an adjournment and I wasn't willing to agree because she hadn't given me a good reason supported by evidence.  I made her jump through some hoops to get what she wanted ie I made her prove her case.  Apparently that makes me a bad person rather than someone just doing their job, like traffic wardens.
This, of course, is one of the consequences of being a litigator.  I argue for a living and I'm good at it.  I have two ex husbands who will tell you just how good I can be!
Being a litigator means I sometimes have to do horrible things that upset people.  I have made a little old lady bankrupt.  I have evicted people and repossessed properties.  I have put companies in to liquidation.  I don't always enjoy doing some of these horrible things, but my priority is always what is in my client's best interests.
So being likened to a traffic warden is actually a compliment.  Whilst I don't go out of my way to deliberately upset anyone (no really, it's true) if my opponent is pissed off with me, that just means I'm doing my job.  After all, if you are going in to battle, do you want someone who is nice and polite and friendly to everyone, or do you want someone tenacious, determined and forceful when the need arises?  Do you want someone that everyone likes, or do you want someone who isn't afraid to upset the other side, if it gets you what you are entitled to?
If you're involved in litigation, or you're considering issuing proceedings and you need someone to fight your battles for you, drop me a line at and we'll find time to talk about what I can do to look after you.  I may also share some of the nice things I've done in my life, but only if you promise not to tell anyone – I have my reputation to think of.
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