If any of you met me for the first time at a networking event, you’re likely to remember me introducing myself as a gate crashed. Sometimes I go with professional drinker (no one could deny that’s true) and occasionally I go with pole dancer (I can’t really pull that one off but at least it makes people laugh) but I rarely admit to running my own law firm!


Well it’s not because I’m embarrassed. I love what I do. Nevertheless, I’m used to people’s eyes glazing over the minute I mention the word solicitor. And not without good reason. I often describe the Companies Act 2006 as either the most expensive door stop ever, or the best cure for insomnia.

What’s more, by giving an unusual answer, I’m often remembered! I’m just on my way back from my auditor’s annual christmas party, having spent a very enjoyable couple of hours in the Company of two excellent businessmen who remembered me from two years ago! Of course I”m assuming that they remember me for my witty answer to “and what do you do” rather than anything else I got up to last time, but who knows.

However, I’ve never yet actually been a gatecrasher….yet.

And so it came to pass that I was on my way back from the party, when I walked past a hotel which was hosting a networking event. It crossed my mind that I could walk in, pick up a drink, and start talking and eating. I could then legitimately describe myself as a professional gate crashed. Would anyone believe me. Would anyone mind. And if they did, would they ask me to leave, or do we all know that you have to be open minded, as we never know where our next good introduction will come from.

Sadly I took the decision to keep in walking. This is not because I was afraid to go in, but because I’m afraid of my 11 year old who has said that if I’m late home once more he’s going to rent out my bedroom. I believe him.

Nevertheless, I have decided that one of my New Years resolutions is to Gatecrash the next networking event I see. I’ll introduce myself to the host. Offer to pay whatever everyone else has paid for the privilege of being there and throw myself into the event with passion.

To all of you networkers out there, whether you are old hands or newbies, whether you are adventurous or just finding your feet, I wish you all a very happy and healthy new year, and here’s to another 12 months of great events.

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