Some of my contacts will be old enough to remember the game show that included people guessing the name of tunes based on a clue and a few notes.

Being tone deaf (could not carry a tune in a bucket – my childhood piano teacher is still in therapy) I always marveled at the talent of people who could take a few notes and successfully relate it to a whole song!

But naming a song (yours or someone else’s) is now going to be much easier than naming your own company.

Companies House has recently announced new rules on company naming and new powers to intervene if you encroach on someone else’s rights.

And not before time!

I’ve had dealings with companies who have had rivals set up very similarly named companies in close proximity just to deliberately confuse clients.  There are steps we can (and have!) taken to close those bogus business down but it’s a long and time consuming process with potential damage done in the meantime, not to mention cost which can be hard to recoup from the offenders.

Going forward Companies House are looking to take the frustration out of fake businesses.

If you’re setting up a new company, look carefully into the name you pick to avoid being challenged either by Companies House or by other businesses.

If you are a well established business being targeted by a rival using a similar name, take legal advice on what Companies House and or copyright law can do to protect you.

If you need my help, I’ll be at the bar, so long as they’re not doing karaoke!

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