If you go down to the woods today…..
You’d better take more than a good disguise!  Apparently, YouTube is awash with fake children’s videos.  What might look like an innocent Peppa Pig video, is actually a horror movie masquerading as an innocent cartoon.  And I know the Incredible Hulk was always ripping his clothes but I’m not sure I ever saw an episode where he ripped his underwear and exposed himself!   I don’t know if they are designed to lure unsuspecting children into the joys of adult entertainment, or whether they are aimed at an older audience, not realising that Thomas the Tank Engine fans can’t usually read the disclaimer!
Either way, the moral of this fairy story is that just because it looks like a children’s program, and sounds like a children’s program, doesn’t mean it is. 
This can be true of many legal clauses.  What may look like a perfectly innocent restrictive covenant, can HAMper your ability to earn a living in the future.  A cap on liability could look very reasonable, until you find you are thousands of pounds out of pocket with no ability to pursue the guilty party for anything more than the price of one of Postman Pat’s letters.  An unfair termination clause could cause more than just a rip in your trousers.
If you need someone to help you understand not just the legal but also the commercial effects of a contract you are signing or preparing, drop me a line at stephanie@kleymansolicitors.com.  Head your e-mail “The Hulk Has Escaped” and we’ll find somewhere to meet for a coffee and a chat, and help you find the happy ending you deserve.
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