That's often true.  How many times on your business life have you been offered a job or an introduction without putting yourself out there?  Probably not often.  Work doesn't just fall in your lap without you making the effort!
However it turns out that this isn't always the case.  You can get in to trouble for not doing something that you were never actually asked to do. Ask my kids who are often in trouble for not having done their homework or cleaned up their rooms!
In employment law terms, your staff have certain rights, and an employer can be sued for not adhering to those rights even if the employee never actually asked his employer for those rights to be respected.  For example, if someone is doing a shift of six hours or more, they must have a break DURING the shift of not less than 20 minutes.  This means they can't take it at the beginning or the end.  In a recent case a man successfully sued his employers for not giving him his break, even though he never actually asked for it.
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