I’ve just received a letter from a company I’ve never heard of, encouraging me to make a donation to them if I’m in favour of continuing with foreign aid and I want to help them fund their campaign.

Every day, we all receive letters, emails and people in the street wanting us to support them, donate to them or even just buy from them.  Often the decision you have to make is not about whether or not it’s a good product/service/cause, but whether you know that it’s genuine.  How do you know that if I give money to the Foreign Aid Group, the funds will go to the right place.  I’m not saying that they won’t, but how do I know that they will, or that anyone who sends a letter like this really are who they say they are.

So, for the same reason, if you are out pitching for business, how do the people you want to do business with know that they can trust you?  Word of mouth recommendations are always an advantage, and if you have a proven track record or existing relationship then that can be a good start. Nevertheless, if you’re looking to break in to a new market or develop new relationships, it can be hard not only finding those potential contacts, but also getting them to take you seriously.

Although solicitors often don’t get involved until a deal has been done, there are things that we can do to help improve your credibility. For example, did you know that there is statutory information you should put on your website which shows not just that you know the law, but that you take your responsibilities seriously.  Also, if you are planning to do business with someone, there are steps you can take to be more certain of who you are dealing with and to protect you if something goes wrong.

If you’re keen to get some straight forward business advice on how to improve your credibility, we’ve got a free guide available.  Drop me a line at stephanie@kleymansolicitors.com and I’ll send it over, and if you still need help then we can meet for a coffee and a chat on line or in person.

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