In business, I’m sure we all come across people who are trying to canter before they can trot.

In my world, sometimes they are so desperate to get started, that they haven’t even bought the cart yet, let alone thought about whether it goes in front or behind (or on top of!) the horse.

Whilst it’s always wonderful to see people being so excited and enthusiastic about whatever project or venture they are working on, it can be part of my job to reign them in, so to speak.  I always love to hear from people who tell me about their plans, but they usually want input or even a quote from me, long before they are ready.  I imagine that people assume that a contract is a contract, and drafting a share purchase agreement is a standard document, and surely you have a fixed price for employment contracts and what do you mean you need to see the lease before you can advise me what it would cost for it to be assigned to me.

I do understand how frustrating it must be if I bombarded you with questions before I can give you any answers on options and costs, but there is method in my madness.  The more I know about your plans, the better and more accurate my advice will be.  This is why I often suggest meeting up for a coffee and a chat – and you always thought it was just an excuse to get out of the office!

Nevertheless, if you aren’t ready to meet up yet, but you still need some input, I can probably still help.  If you are negotiating terms, I can suggest the sorts of terms you need to agree at the outset, to make sure you are sufficiently close in your thinking to mean it’s likely to work.  If you are looking at things like shareholder agreements or contracts of employment, I have questionnaires you can fill in.  They are as much for your benefit in terms of making you think about the points that need to be agreed, as my benefit in terms of coming up with a quote for you.  Of course if you’re also looking for an excuse to get out of the office for an hour or two, I know a great pub……!

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