I’m often known for being good value for money, but you might not always have thought of me as being free.

Well today I am!

In fact, I’ve been free since Wednesday.

That’s when I became a Freeman (Free Woman? Free Person????) of the Guild of Entrepreneurs at a wonderful ceremony at St Lawrence’s Church and then a white tie dinner at Drapers’ Hall. All joking aside, there were 8 of us being inducted that evening, and I was the only woman, so I hope some of you female entrepreneurs are going to come and support our work!

So watch out for news about my work with the guild, and if any of you fancy joining in with any of our fabulous events, do let me know.

And the picture? Well despite the event having the benefit of an amazing photographer, who took over 400 pictures (all of which I have) there isn’t one where I’m not pulling a face or stuffing it. So you’ll have to make do with the one my son took in our kitchen before I went out.

Happy entrepreneuring everyone!