In a break from the norm, instead of my usual light hearted blog about the entertaining side of the law, I’d like to ask everyone who reads this to watch and circulate the video below about domestic violence.

I was proud and privileged to be asked to be on a panel of experts talking about this emotive and highly sensitive issue.

Obviously, I’m against violence, especially when perpetrated against people who are vulnerable, such as when a woman or child is attacked by a man who is bigger and stronger than they are.

However, I’m also against the small but powerful minority of people who make allegations of domestic violence against their exes, often as a way of getting revenge and/or getting more favourable treatment in courts, including access to legal aid, without having to prove that they have any grounds for public funding.  When such funding is in such short supply and so many people are going without proper legal representation, it is shocking how many people are getting funding that they have no entitlement to.

I don’t think there are any easy answers to this question, but the more we talk about it, and raise awareness of it, the more likely it is that those adversely affected by it will receive the support that they need.